It doesn’t get much more deliciously, and decadently, Tudor than this. The jewel in our crown is the 7 day dry aged, then slow cooked, truffle and green peppercorn rubbed, prime rib. (Talk about commitment!) The best steak ever.

Served medium from a custom-built oak trolley on Wednesday and Saturday nights (or by appointment), this steak is sliced right before you, whether you be a commoner or baronet. The choice of two cuts are:

  • Mary’s Cut 300g
  • Hugh’s Cut 500g

The steak is accompanied by garlic gratin, broccolini and a selection of sauces and butter to slather on, as you will. For complete experience, accompany with a generous glass of full-bodied red wine. (We can advise.) All-in-all, exceptional.

To book call 03 943 5937

Bloody Mary’s is located at 30 Latimer Square, Christchurch, NZ