The grill is the main focus of Bloody Mary’s restaurant. But our energy goes into being much more than simply a stand-out steakhouse. We take pride in serving traceable, local, and high quality produce and creating an unforgettable eating experience.

We put emphasis on ethical farming and the treatment of animals and we only use clearly identified breeds from farms we trust. Bloody Mary’s menu reflects the best of nature and deference to the seasons, along with a refreshingly uncomplicated approach to cuisine.


21 day aged, grass-fed

The classic Cantabrian steak, grazed free-range on fertile, lush pastures. Reared to a maximum of 24 months, only the best animals are hand-selected for Canterbury Angus. For you, this means melt-in-the-mouth beef that is naturally marbled, fine textured, flavoursome, and nutritious.


50 day aged, grass-fed, Orari Gorge, South Canterbury

This delectable beef has a more intense flavour than other cuts due to being grass fed. The meat is then carefully hand-graded for meat and fat colour. Aging the meat for 50 days makes the meat even more tender.

Angus Hereford Cross

28 day aged, South Canterbury

Being a cross between Angus and Hereford, has the best of both breeds and is renowned for its rich, distinctively-beef flavour and good marbling of fat. In our blind taste test this steak was selected by the team as the solid favourite.


21+ day aged, Grain finished, South Canterbury

Wakanui beef is the premier brand of beef from Canterbury, produced from both Angus and Hereford cattle. Wakanui is grain-finished for at least 75 days, which adds succulence and richness.

Firstlight Wagyu

40 day aged, Hastings

The only New Zealand, commercial, grass-fed, free range certified, Wagyu beef – from one of the top breeds in the world. Being grass-fed, Firstlight Wagyu beef has a higher Omega 3 content than that of grain-fed beef, making it a healthy choice for discerning diners.



The most tender and lean cut of meat, the fillet is by far the most requested steak. As it is so lean it should always be served blue to medium. (Any more, and it will become dry and tough.)


Taken from the top of the loin and served with the fat cap on, to retain moisture, the sirloin is best cooked medium rare to medium.


The joy of getting two for one! Having both the sirloin and the fillet on the T-bone means you get a fantastic combination of meat. We recommend it cooked medium rare to medium.


Our Executive Chef, Mark McManus’ personal favourite steak. Rich in flavour and high in fat, taken from the prime rib, the ribeye is perfectly suited to our char grill. It can be cooked from rare to medium well and still be moist and tender.

Beef cheek

Rich and unctuous, this is slow braised (over 4 hours) to make a once tough meat into one of the most tender portions you can eat, and one of the most flavourful.