Spaces for all occasions

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, hen parties, baby showers, breakfasts and bar mitzvahs, Bloody Mary’s is the ideal venue for your next special occasion.

The team at Bloody Mary’s will transform your function into a dream catering experience. Choose from any of one of our stylish spaces, to suit your mood and your party. A la carte, buffet, cocktail or roaming menus are available, all complemented by Bloody Mary’s exceptional service and attention to detail.

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Hugh’s Whisky Library

Seats up to 30

Whisky connoisseurs and friends are invited to rest and relax in this very convivial den; to debate the issues of the day and, importantly, who is plotting against whom.

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Master Ridley’s Private Dining Hall

Seats up to 70

Celebrate, and experience a table laden with produce, and splendour such as not seen since Mary herself was Queen of England. (OK, it was only relatively briefly, but it still counts.)

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Chef’s Table

Seats up to 10

You’ll be at the pass. And queen, or king, of all you survey. (Like a reality cooking show judge, but without the need to take notes.)

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Private Dining Options

The Canterbury Feast really is a feast!

All of the food listed on this menu is served in the middle of the table on sharing platters and guests can help themselves. Much like the rustic dinners of ages past: enjoy the conviviality of a feast where food and conversation alike are passed along from guest to guest.

This is usually a big hit for hungrier groups as it is a nice meaty option. It is priced at $85 per person.

The other option is our $70 per person, 3 course Prix Fixe. Each course is served as individually plated meals. Guests will be able to choose from a meat, fish or vegetarian dish on the day. This menu is particularly good for guests with special dietary requirements and the chefs can easily make changes to suit.

You can also select either entrée & main or main & dessert from $55 pp.