There’s always something on at Bloody Mary’s

Just as certain as the grill is always sizzling and our signature cocktails are only the shake of a lamb’s tail away.

It’s Christchurch’s premier place for Happy Hour. This is a relaxing time to meet friends or workmates without breaking the bank. The $5 specials would have even put a smile on the face of Mary Tudor herself (and she didn’t smile that often).


Festive Long Lunches at Bloody Mary’s

Dine like royalty at Bloody Mary’s with this luxurio...
$65 Per person
Every Weekday, 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Happy Hour

Between 5:30pm-6:30 every weekday, we celebrate getting to the end of the day, without being pilloried. As you should too! And, of course you can &h...
Friday and Saturday nights

Prime Rib

It doesn’t get much more deliciously, and decadently, Tu...
Every Sunday

$10 Sunday Bloody Marys

We know we make a bloody good Bloody Mary! Enjoy our signa...
Every Friday

Friday Shout

This incredible offer makes Bloody Mary’s your ultimate destination for Fridays. We’d probably have found ourselves in terrible trouble, had Mar...
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